How to save on your Colorado car insurance rates

Many people lament the purchase of auto insurance. So weíre here to make it less painful. Check out these six money-saving tips and take the sting out of buying insurance.

#1 Raise your deductible. Itís a gamble, sure. Youíll be responsible for a larger amount of the bill should you get into an accident. However, this is a guaranteed way to lower your annual insurance costs.

#2 Shop around. Staying with the same insurance company year after year may not be in your best interest. You can cancel or change your policy at any time—you donít need to wait for the policy to expire. So shop your insurance every six months and compare prices to ensure you are getting the best deal.

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#3 Remove unneeded extras. Although knowing you have towing and rental car coverage may help you sleep at night, those add-ons are rarely used and not necessarily worth the cost. You pay between $10 and $30 a year over the life of your policy to cover towing. And in the unlikely situation that you need a tow, youíll pay about $100. Likewise, a small economy car costs $20-$25 a day to rent and car rental tacks on another $20-$40 to your insurance bill each year. So you can sleep well knowing that you saved yourself some money.

#4 Protect your credit. More insurers have begun using credit-based insurance scores to determine what you pay for your policy. So paying the water bill on time will actually keep your insurance costs down.

#5 Research discounts. Cars with safety and anti-theft devices cost less to insure. You can also knock off a few bucks if you insure your car and home with the same company. People who abstain from alcohol, get good grades in school or take a driver education course are also rewarded with lower premiums.

#6 Get informed. The easiest way to save on any insurance is to research before you buy. And get recommendations from family and friends.

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